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Greek Life Center

Go Bulldogs Go Greek

Engaging Greek affiliated students in leadership, scholarship, service, relationship and values based programming.

For a full list of fraternity & sorority organizations, upcoming events, and information related to Fraternity & Sorority Life at Ferris, visit our Bulldog Connect page.

  •  Why join Greek Life?
    • Scholarships and academic support
    • Create life long friendships
    • Develop leadership and character 
    • Opportunities to give back to the community and volunteer
    • Network and gain professional skills you can use after college
  •  What councils are on campus?
    Black Greek Council (BGC) - Serves as the governing body of the historically Black Greek lettered organizations on the campus of Ferris State University. The purpose of Black Greek Council is to provide representative leadership, judicial oversight, and democratic governance of all its members. 

    Interfraternity Council (IFC) - As members of the Interfraternity Council at Ferris State University, they strive for excellence and seek leadership in the Greek community as well as around campus. They are grounded in values and passions of scholarship, brotherhood, civic engagement, and diversity. 

    Panhellenic CouncilThe mission of Panhellenic Council is to develop and maintain fraternity life and Interfraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment, and in so doing to consider the goals and ideals of member groups as continually applicable to campus and personal life and promote superior scholarship as basic to intellectual achievement. Our pillars of success are grounded in scholarship, civic engagement, and sisterhood. 

    United Greek CouncilThe United Greek Council was founded in January 2020. The purpose of this council shall be to govern over the respected member organizations within the council. To serve as a catalyst to unite diverse Greek organizations. To support and encourage academic achievement within each member organization. We seek to advocate to develop our organization through personal growth, education, philanthropy, and defying stereotypes. Through these goals, we strive to empower historically underrepresented fraternities and sororities at Ferris State University.
  •  Are you interested in joining?

    Every fraternity or sorority selects members differently and at different times of the year. For the most up-to-date information and to get connected with a specific council or organization, email [email protected] and check Bulldog Connect.

     Things to ask when considering a specific organization

    • What are the values and mission of your organization?
    • GPA requirement to enroll or keep membership
    • Costs involved
    • Volunteer hour requirements
    • Service projects
    • Conduct
    • Number of members and new members
    • New member process
    • Recruitment dates
    • What are your chapter values?
    • How much are dues?
    • What is the time commitment of both a new member and active member?
    • What does your new member education process look like?
    • Does your organization haze?
    • What is your national and local philanthropy?
    • What national leadership programs do you have?
    • What leadership opportunities do you offer?
    • What are the local chapter’s greatest accomplishments?
    • How many organizations are on campus?
    • What are the expectations for active members?
    • Has your organization been investigate for a violation in the last year?
    • Am I required to live in the house? (Note: Not every chapter has a house)
    • What does the recruitment process look like?
    • What is the structure of your organization?
    • If there is an activity I am not comfortable with what should I do?
    • How often does the organization participate in service/philanthropy?
    • How will this experience impact my academics?
    • Why did you join?
    • What impact does your organization have on campus?
    • How involved are your alumni/alumnae?
    • What are the benefits of being a member after graduation?
    • Is the organization officially recognized by the university? If applicable, Why not?
    • How many members do you have?
    • What are your chapter values?
  •  Common Terms & Definitions in Fraternity & Sorority Life / Greek Life

    Active Member: A member who has been initiated through a ritual process and is currently enrolled in courses.

    Affiliation Form: A form signed by every member to affiliate individuals with the Greek life center.

    Alumni/Alumnae: An initiated member who has graduated.

    Badge: A pin commonly worn with formal attire given to initiated members.

    Bid: An invitation to join a particular organization.

    Black Greek Council (BGC aka. NPHC): The local governing body over the BGC or NPHC organizations.

    Call/Chant: Sounds or words used by members to gain the attention of another member. These are different by region.

    Chapter: A local group that is part of a larger national organization.

    Crossing: Used mostly by NPHC organizations to refer to when they went from being a new member to an active member

    Drop: Someone who has chosen to no longer be a member of an organization

    Executive Office: Refers to the national office

    Grad Chapter: The graduate chapters of NPHC organizations, typically oversees operations of undergraduate chapters.

    Informational: Refers to a recruitment event for NPHC organizations

    Initiation: Ritual event to graduate new members into active members

    Intake: NPHC process for new members

    Interfraternity Council (IFC): A governing body for the Fraternities. Operates under a national organization called North American Interfraternity Council (NIC)

    Lavaliere: Necklace with fraternity or sorority letters

    Legacy: Refers to a relatives membership within an organization.

    Line: Refers to NPHC new member classes

    Neophyte or Neo: A term for a new member of an NPHC organization

    New member education: A program developed to introduce new members to what it means to be a member of Greek life at Ferris.

    New Member: An individual who has not been initiated, but has been extended and accepted a bid.

    National Panhellenic Conference (NPC): Governing national organization for all women’s organizations.

    National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC): National organization that oversees the 9 NPHC organizations.

    Order of Omega: National Greek Leadership Honors Organization.

    Panhellenic Council: Local governing body over sororities.

    Philanthropy: Refers to raising money for a particular cause.

    Potential New Member (PNM): A student who has shown interest in joining an organization.

    Professional Greek Council (PGC): Local governing body over organizations bearing Greek letters that are associated with a program or concentration.

    Preferencing: Last portion of Panhellenic recruitment where a potential new member determines which sororities she would be willing to join.

    Quota: The number of bids a Panhellenic organization can extend a bid to.

    Release Figure Method (RFM): A term used to describe the method that Panhellenic uses during their primary recruitment period.

    Rho Gamma: A group of women who have disaffiliated to help guide potential new members through the formal recruitment process.

    Social: An event where organizations get together to socialize without the presence of alcohol.

    Stepping: Historical NPHC tradition with various hand and foot movements accompanied with chanting, dancing, singing, and acting.

    Stroll: Historical NPHC tradition like a line dance.

    Total: The maximum chapter size determined through RFM.

    Greek Alphabet