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Virtual Involvement

At Ferris State, you’re our first priority. We’ve compiled the virtual resources below for you to provide you with the most enriching experience possible throughout COVID-19 safe distancing precautions. Please click each dropdown to see a variety of related selections

  •  Programming
  •  Campus


    Are you missing campus? We are too! Here is a wonderful video that admissions made to tour campus.


    Admission Resources: 

    Visit Page

    Virtual Visit Resources

    Virtual Recruiter Meeting

    Parent / Prospective Portal

  •  Tours
  •  Wellness

    Birkam Health is offering opportunities for students to receive virtual care.

    Physical Wellness:

    Are you feeling sick? Check out this webpage to discover how to take care of yourself and what to do if you need care.

    Mental Wellness:

    Find out ways to take care of your mental wellness while quarantined. We care about your health and wellness, and hope that you all use the resources available to you. To find out more click here.

    Local Food Banks:


    Food Pantry Contact Availability

    Wesley House

    628 South Warren Ave. Big Rapids



    4pm - 5pm Mon, Wed, Fri or

    By Appointment

    Manna Pantry

    315 S State St. Big Rapids



     Monday - Friday 1pm - 4pm

    Project Starburst

    120 S State St. Big Rapids




    Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am – 4pm

    Wednesday 12pm – 6pm

    *Due to COVID19 before going to a local food we would suggest calling them to make sure their hours/availability has stayed the same. *


  •  Fun

    For Our Graduates:

    Watch this video for some great advice from Ferris Alumni. Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog.

    For Our Students:

    Learn to draw Disney characters from Disney artist.

    Take photography classes for free through Nikon Online School.

    Free coloring pages from their "Color Their Collections".

    Listen to music from the Seattle Symphony, Detroit Opera House, and the Metropolitan Opera.


  •  Volunteering

    This Weeks Volunteer Options:

    To find out what the volunteer center has to offer go to Bulldog Connect for a complete listing. 

    Volunteer Resource:

    Looking for ways to volunteer? Check out this resource.

    Give blood: 

    Right now, the American Red Cross faces a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus outbreak. Click here to make an appointment.

    Become a virtual volunteer for a more extended period:

    Check out the opportunities identified here. This site identifies opportunities for being an online tutor, crisis counselor, Wikipedia editor, translator, and mental health advocate for current military service personnel and veterans.

    United Nations Volunteer Opportunities:

    Change the world through online volunteering! The United Nations website is a great way to see how you can still get involved from your home. Follow this link to see what you can do to help. 

    All for

    Another great tool to see how you can help from home. Follow this link to see what good you can do:

    Michigan 211 Volunteer Search:

    Follow this link to see ways you can help your community from home:  

    Translate Without Borders:

    Are you fluent in a language? Or want to show of your English skills? Translate without borders is a website that runs primarily on volunteers- and can use YOUR help! To get involved, follow this link:

    Crisis Text Line:

    Want to do some good in your community and in the world? Become a crisis counselor for the crisis hotline. Follow this link to see how you can get involved:

    Make Greeting Cards:

    Get creative! Spend some time DIY’ing some greeting card for family, friends, or long-term care facilities to send a positive message. Don’t forget to get those glitter pens out!

    Donate To Local Food Pantries or Community Lunch Programs:

    Many local pantries are struggling with donations during this season of social distancing. If you have the tools, donate some non-perishable items to a pantry near you! Some pantries near Big Rapids include Wesley House, Manna Pantry, Angela in Action, or Project Starburst. Contact the organization first to see what they need, will take, and what their drop off times are.

    Start a Book Club:    

    Getting bored of sitting at home with nothing to do? Connect with your friends and/or family and start a book club! Many websites store online books, or grab a random one off your shelf. Once you’ve finished, make a virtual get together and discuss what you liked, disliked, or learned from your reading. 

    Support Local Animal Shelters:    

    Make some phone calls and see what your local animal shelters need donated/help with during this time. Some animal shelters near Big Rapids include the Animal Rescue Coalition, Mecosta County Animal Control, or Osceola County Animal Control.