President's Message to Campus - Oct. 16, 2020

Strategic Planning and Resource Council Update

At Tuesday afternoon’s Strategic Planning and Resource Council (SPARC) meeting information was shared on a variety of topics. Jeff Ek, Jennifer Hegenauer and Mandy Seiferlein provided a recap of the Higher Learning Commission site visit and the next steps in the reaffirmation of accreditation process. Jeanine Ward-Roof and Steve Durst shared a COVID-19 testing and contact tracing update, and Bobby Fleischman and David Pilgrim presented information on the continued development of metrics for the Ferris Forward strategic plan.

The meeting concluded with Franklin Hughes and David Pilgrim presenting an innovative approach to collecting progress made on the strategic plan. If you visit the strategic plan homepage and click on any one of the six themes, you will see the initiatives for that area of focus. There is now a link for you to enter information on the progress being made on each initiative. Once the data is submitted and evaluated, the information will be shared back to the Ferris community via the respective Progress and Updates section and Highlights and Accomplishments section.

Please take a few moments to review the Strategic Plan and this new reporting tool.  Anyone in the Ferris community can input progress, updates and completion of action steps for each initiative. I encourage you to document work completed or underway in your area on the strategic plan. Thank you to SPARC chair Spence Tower for facilitating this informative Zoom meeting and to the 55+ faculty, staff and students who attended. 

New Ferris Forward Podcast Episode

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting Bobby Fleischman, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, on my podcast Ferris Forward. During our conversation, he shared what attracted him to Ferris State University, his initial impressions of campus and what he is working to accomplish this academic year. If you have the opportunity, please listen when you have a few moments. I am pleased to have Bobby as a member of our leadership team and appreciate very much his efforts for Ferris.

Please send comments or suggestions on future podcast topics to me at [email protected]. Thanks for listening.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Since 1989, the month of October has been designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is a time to acknowledge domestic violence survivors, to be a voice for its victims and be a network for change. This month the University’s Anti-Violence Alliance is hosting a series of events to educate the campus community about domestic violence. From informational tables on the North Quad and interactive Zoom meetings to a candlelight vigil, there are ways for each of us to educate ourselves and support those who have experienced domestic violence. More information on the Alliance and this month’s activities can be found by following the Alliance on Twitter and Facebook.

Make a Difference Day

The Ferris State University Alumni Association is inviting everyone to participate in National Make a Difference Day on Saturday, Oct. 24. This day was established in 1992 to encourage volunteering and to make an impact in one's own community. There are many ways we can participate in this day – raking your neighbor's yard, buying coffee for the person in line behind you at Starbucks, organizing a pop can drive or giving blood. We all can find ways, both large and small, to help others on this day and every day. I plan on participating next Saturday, and hope you will join me. The Alumni Association is providing a Ferris T-shirt as thanks for your participation. You can learn more and register to participate online. 

David L. Eisler, president