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Ability and Disability Video Resources

Education For All

Shown during Animo Night 2005, this video is about the "Special Education Program for Former Street Children" and the "Signum Fidei Learning Center" of La Salle. The soundtrack on this clip (by Louis Armstrong) was for editing and timing guide purposes only. Lasallian Roselle Nava sang "(What A) Wonderful World" during the actual performance on November 18, 2005 at the St. Benilde Gym, La Salle Green Hills.

Are You Happy?
A short documentary on Morgan Warren, a girl with 11Q Syndrome, and her inclusion experience at an elementary school and how she affects everyone she comes in contact with.

'Elementary Ed' Documentary Trailer
"Elementary Ed" sheds insight about the challenge of educating children with autism and perhaps a window of light about their academic future.

Disability means possibility

You've got a job interview, but suddenly you're in the minority. A tale worthy of the "Twilight Zone" with a disability twist.