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Banner On-Demand Training

Banner On-Demand training is available to Ferris employees. Here is how you can set up an Ellucian account and access the training modules.

Step 1: Navigate to and click on Customer Center in the top navigation bar, if you already have an Ellucian account skip to step 4.

Customer Center top navigation bar.

Step 2: To sign up for an Ellucian account click the link in the center of the page to ‘Sign Up’.

Sign up window

Step 3: Enter your email address (twice), answer the reCAPTCHA question and Submit.

Enter email address screenshot.

Once you receive a confirmation email (could take up to 72 hours for activation) please follow the directions within the email to verify your account and setup a password.

Step 4: Once you are able and have signed in to the Ellucian customer portal click on Resources.

Resources shortcut

Then On-Demand Training.

Select the On-Demand option and choose Banner

Step 5: Under the On-Demand Training section choose Banner.

Choose Banner.

Step 6: Training modules are arranged by Banner module, to view available courses for those modules, select the ‘See Courses’ link. 

Course links screenshot

Step 7: Within the course list courses that are marked with adv+ button are available. Select the ‘View Course’ link View Course button to see details about the course and to get started click the ‘Start’ linkStart button.

course details screen screenshot

Step 8: Once a course has been started it will appear under your ‘My Training’ area, to access this area click the My Training icon My Training icon in the upper right-hand corner on the main Training page. Any courses started and not yet finished will appear in this area.

Step 9: To exit the Ellucian portal click the exit icon Exit icon.