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CITI Training Instructions IACUC

All Investigators (employees and students) must complete CITI Training in order to work with animals at Ferris State University. CITI Certification is valid for five years after completion.

Registering with Ferris State University

  1. Visit the CITI login page
  2. Next to "New Users", click the "Register Here" link
  3. Select "Ferris State University" from the drop-down menu of "Participating Institutions"
  4. Create a username and password
  5. Fill out the additional personal information and select "No" under the CME/CEU credits
  6. Select whether or not to take the survey
  7. Complete the additional information requested by Ferris State University
  8. Select the appropriate research category you belong to: (see below for guidance)
  9. Unless applicable, select "No" when asked to affiliate with another institution

For detailed instructions, see our CITI Screenshot Instructions

Selection of CITI training module(s) depends on the type of project being conducted and/or type of animal(s) one is working with.There may be additional modules required if you are working on an externally funded project, with antibodies, biohazards, or with surgical procedures. Modules will need to be selected individually.

Good Clinical Practice and Responsible Conduct of Research categories are available for those who wish to expand upon the basic training requirements. Responsible Conduct of Research is required for investigators involved on externally-funded projects

If you are unsure of which CITI module(s) you belong in for your project involving animals, contact [email protected]