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Principal Investigator Policies

All projects utilizing animals for teaching and/or research purposes by Ferris Faculty must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC prior to implementation, regardless of location. Investigators, including students, conducting research without the proper approval will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Who May Serve as a Principal Investigator?

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible to ensure that the design and conduct of research involving animal subjects complies with institutional policies, state laws and federal regulations. Other responsibilities include supervising the conduct of research and protecting the safety and welfare of animals in research. Any faculty, emeriti faculty, or other qualified administrative staff of Ferris State University may serve as the PI.

Can Students Serve as a Principal Investigator?

Students may not serve as the PI on a research project; student investigators must have a faculty advisor who holds responsibility for complying with all relevant requirements, policies and procedures.

What is Multi-Site/Collaborative Research?

Ferris Investigators conducting collaborative research — that is, research involving Ferris State University and one or more organization, institution or agency other than Ferris  should contact IACUC when collaborative research is being planned. At times, FSU may rely on the IACUC of another institution/organization. Ferris State University will determine reliance on a case-by-case basis.