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Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  1. Animal Care Facility Coordinator or his/her designee will identify individuals involved in care and handling of animals, and will provide individuals with Risk Assessment Forms.

  2. If the individual works only with fish, nonhazardous materials, or only observes the animals then the individual will sign the Category B Health Assessment Report. This form will remain in the Animal Care Facility office files. (No further action needed).

  3. If an individual identifies they will work with any of the other animals listed in Table 1 and/or completes Table 2 they will then complete the entire personal health history form. The individual will also sign the Health Assessment Report Category A. These forms will be forwarded to Birkam Health Center for review by the supervisor of nursing who will review the documents to determine, using guidelines set forth by the physicians, if a physical is necessary.

  4. If it is determined a physical is not needed a copy of the Health assessment form along with the Health Assessment Report category A will be retained at Birkam and the original Health Assessment Report form A will be returned to the Animal Care Facility verifying under what conditions the individual is cleared to work with animals.

  5. If a physical is warranted the Facility Coordinator will be contacted and will advise the individual to set up a physical with the Birkam Health Center.

  6. Once the physical is completed the Category A Report will be returned to the Animal Care Facility with a copy being kept by the Birkam Health Center.