Amy L. Greene, PhD
Amy L. Greene, PhD

Executive Director for Online Learning
Dean's Office
Phone: (231) 591-2801
Email: [email protected]


  • PhD, University of North Texas, Learning Technologies, Community College Leadership
  • MA, Western Michigan University, Communication, Organizational Communication
  • BA, Michigan State University, Communication
  • BA, Michigan State University, Human Resources Management


I have surrounded myself with opportunities to continually advance my knowledge of technology as it applies to the teaching and learning process in higher education. I believe I offer a unique perspective of both distance and technology-mediated education with a doctorate degree in learning technologies and first-hand experience as both an online student and an online professor. As a student, I have been taught by respected researchers in educational technology to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of distance education and develop innovative technology-based teaching techniques (for both online and face-to-face courses) that are pedagogically grounded. As a researcher, I have examined the impact of technology on communication and online behavior and was honored to receive the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education 2011 Outstanding Paper Award for a paper entitled “Virtual Gender Roles: Is Gender a Better Predictor of Internet Use than Sex?” As an educator, I was asked to become the school’s first fully online professor at Darton College (now Darton State College in Albany, Georgia) and worked closely with the administration to advance the school’s online presence. With this experience as a foundation, I have emerged as a leader in online learning within all the institutions at which I have been employed. I believe that technology is a tool that can be used to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning, but it often requires the instructor to think outside the box. It is critical that instructors evaluate all of the potential tools that can be used to enhance learning and understand that if the right tool is technology it needs to do more than just be novel. Technology can have a profoundly positive impact on both the ability of a teacher to teach and the ability of the student to learn, however that impact can be conversely compounded if everyone involved does not have a clear understanding of the learning process. This fact is central to the message that I consistently convey to both faculty and students interested in eLearning.

Publications and Intellectual Contributions

  • Journal Article
    Warren, S. J., Jones, G., Trombley, A. L. (2011). "Skipping Pong and moving straight to World of Warcraft: The challenge of research with complex games used for learning," International Journal of Web Based Communities. 7 (2). pp. 218-233. Inderscience.