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NAFA’s Certified Automotive Fleet Management Programs

It is a pleasure to announce to the Fleet Management Industry that NAFA (Fleet Management Association) and Ferris State University (FSU) in Big Rapids, Michigan have signed a formal letter of understanding to define their partnership in University credit recognition and delivery of the CAFM (Certified Automotive Fleet Manager) programs.  The CAFM program is the oldest, largest and most widely acclaimed professional certification program in the multi-billion dollar fleet management industry.

With Ferris’s mission and core values, the partnership between FSU’s Colleges of Business and Engineering Technology was a natural fit with NAFA and its CAFM and CAFS certifications.

More information on Ferris State University's College of Business:
Fleet Management Certificate FLMG

Two Tiers of Certification

NAFA has divided the CAFM curriculum into two tiers (manager and supervisor), each covering four of the eight fleet management disciplines currently required to earn a CAFM or CAFS designation.

CAFS – Certified Automotive Fleet Supervisor – An entry-level, supervisor-tier certification program offered by NAFA to designate those who have mastered four specific areas of fleet management. The four disciplines covered in the supervisor-tier (CAFS) are Fleet Information Management, Maintenance Management, Professional Development and Vehicle Fuel Management.

CAFM – Certified Automotive Fleet Manager – The highest professional designation a person can earn through NAFA. The CAFM designation entails mastering the eight core disciplines of fleet management.

In addition to the four areas within the CAFS program, this manager-tier (CAFM) will encompass Asset Management, Business Management, Financial Management, and Risk Management.


Successful completion of the supervisor-tier program will earn the participant the designation of Certified Automotive Fleet Supervisor (CAFS) and the possibility of six Ferris credits.

Successful completion of the manager-tier, which will only be possible after completing the supervisor-tier, will earn the participant the CAFM designation and the possibility of six additional Ferris credits.

Participants may opt to bypass the tier system and earn only the higher-level CAFM designation.