UNIV 101: College Study Methods may be offered as a stand-alone course. It can be delivered to students fully online, face-to-face, or as a mixed-delivery format.

This two-credit college methods course will assist students in the development and use of effective and efficient study strategies that can be utilized in college courses. Students will learn about goal-setting and self-monitoring, learning styles, test preparation and test-taking, lecture and textbook note taking, time management and concentration, and general strategies for more efficient learning. Through an assessment process, students will be able to identify study skill challenges and will develop strategies designed to help improve study skills. Students will be required to implement the study methods and provide evidence of application of these study methods to other courses. 

Course Outcomes
  • Students will develop strategies to help them achieve learning goals.
  • Students will develop effective time management and concentration strategies.
  • Students will develop effective strategies for studying and test taking.