Future FerrisNow Students

  • Student eligibility varies between FerrisNow Programs. Students should check with their high school counselor if they have questions about what FerrisNow program they will be enrolling in.

    Students must meet individual course pre-requisites before they will be enrolled.

    NOTE: Participation in FerrisNow programs does not guarantee admission to Ferris State following a student’s high school graduation. Students must meet the University's admissions criteria.

  • All FerrisNow students are required to complete the online FerrisNow Programs Online Application and request that their high school/career center submit their transcripts and test scores on their behalf to Ferris' Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships. 

    Students should consult with their high school counselor when completing the application process for FerrisNow.

    Visit the Student Application Process webpage for detailed instructions.

  • Note: When completing the online application, students should select "Dual Enrollment" from the drop-down menu on page 2.

  • All eligible FerrisNow students are registered by Ferris' Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships.

  • Applicants to the University’s FerrisNow Program who do not have EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT, MME, PSAT, or SAT Scores may take the ACCUPLACER assessment to determine their eligibility to enroll in FerrisNow courses. Remote testing is available for students living outside of the Big Rapids area.