College Reading and English Courses

Ferris State University offers two college reading courses to prepare students for college-level reading as well as ENGL 074: Introduction to Basic Collegiate Writing.

Reading and English Courses

  • Intro Basic Collegiate Writing (ENGL 074)

    ENGL 074 is an introduction to college writing strategies and skills through guided practice and instruction in pre-writing through revision stages in composition. Students learn how to use writing-support systems, establish a writing portfolio, and develop analytic skills.

    Course Outcomes:

    • Demonstrate an awareness of prewriting and planning strategies
    • Recognize organizational strategies and organize your own ideas
    • Compose effective paragraphs for specific situations, such as introductions and closings
    • Sustain focus and ideas in a multiple-page paper
    • Read, summarize, and synthesize college level materials
    • Locate library resources for your writing
    • Collaborate in responding to and revising writing
    • Demonstrate evolving editing and proofreading skills
  • READ 175 will provide students with the opportunity to become critical readers by increasing vocabulary, enhancing reading comprehension and recall, and improving reading skills to better prepare for college-level reading. Students will learn active reading strategies to become a more effective reader, which can lead to improved college success. Utilizing active reading strategies, students will be able to predict, identify purpose, ask questions, clarify text, answer questions and summarize text. This course introduces active learning techniques and offers practice in skills which allow students to immediately use what they have learned in their own reading. 

    Course Outcomes

    1. Students will learn reading strategies to be used prior to, during and after reading. Utilizing the following six active reading strategies students will be able to predict, identify purpose, ask questions, clarify text, answer questions and summarize text.
    2. Students will demonstrate written skills of annotation and paraphrasing. 
    3. Students will demonstrate increased vocabulary skills.
    4. Students will demonstrate increased reading comprehension and recall strategies.
  • The College Critical Reading course provides students the opportunity to develop higher-level critical reading skills necessary to complete research projects. Instruction is designed to assist in the improvement of effective reading skills needed for comprehension, interpretation, analysis and synthesis of college-level content.  Prerequisite: Placement by assessment or successful completion of READ 175.

    Course Outcomes

    1. Students will develop higher-level critical reading skills necessary to define and interpret credible sources needed for research.
    2. Students will develop reading comprehension skills needed for synthesis of college-level content. 
    3. Students will develop college-level reading interpretation skills needed to create an outline to analyze and summarize text.