Preparing for Dual Enrollment Courses

1. Course Registration

After working with your High School Counselor to pick your classes, your application will be submitted.

Based on eligibility and availability, you will be registered by the FerrisNow staff.

FerrisNow will send a confirmation email to your guidance counselor after you are enrolled. Yuu can view your course schedule in MyFSU.

2. Attend orientation.

Visit the dual enrollment orientation page. 

3. Buy Books

You may go to the Ferris Online Bookstore to find out what books are required for your class. This information will also be given to you on the first day of class.

Talk to your high school guidance counselor before you purchase books. Your high school may have a copy of the textbook available for your use. 

If you order your books through the Ferris bookstore, books need to be paid for at time of purchase.

The Ferris bookstore staff can assist you in choosing the required books for your class(es). 

4. Attend Class

Remember, you will be enrolled in a college class. It is your responsibility to complete the required assignments and tests.

If you want to drop or withdraw from the class, make sure you go through the drop/withdrawal process. Do not stop going to class - you are still enrolled unless you actually drop/withdraw the class.

You will need the permission of your high school counselor to drop or withdraw from a course.