Dual Enrollment - Frequently Asked Questions

  • You should expect to be challenged academically in your dual enrollment course(s).

    If you are taking classes on the Big Rapids campus, you will be attending classes with Ferris State University students of varying ages and backgrounds.

    High school students and their parents/guardians must understand that course content, instruction, academic expectations, and supporting materials for Ferris classes have been developed for adult students typically age 18 or older.

    The grade(s) you receive in the dual enrollment program ultimately become a part of your permanent college and high school transcripts.

  • Once you have been admitted to the FerrisNow Program, you can enroll for subsequent semesters without submitting a new application, provided you meet the requirements for continued enrollment.

    If you are accepted for a certain semester and do not enroll, you will have to reapply for admittance.

    The Dual Enrollment Course Permission and Payment Authorization form must be submitted for each semester you are enrolled. The form is available on the Dual Enrollment Student Resources page.

  • Yes- you should complete the free FerrisNow Application online.

    You may wish to review the application process.

  • Many public schools pay for their students to attend Ferris through the FerrisNow program, though there may be some additional costs for tuition depending on your school district.

    Your high school counselor can tell you the cost of attending.

    All home-schooled students are responsible for their own tuition.

    Ferris State mails tuition invoices for dual enrollment after the start of the semester. 

  • Check with your high school regarding the number of college classes you can take each semester. Labs are not counted as a separate class.

  • Due to State Laws and to ensure you are meeting high school graduation requirements, students must work with their high school counselor regarding class selection. Ferris does not offer academic advising to Dual Enrollment students.

    Ferris State provides a list of possible courses for dual enrollment students.

    For course descriptions, you may view the Ferris State Catalog.

    Home-schooled students are  referred to their counselor, most often their parents/guardians.

  •  Dual Enrollment students are restricted from taking some classes. Please consult with your high school counselor for more information.
  • See your high school guidance counselor for more information on when to register for dual enrollment classes.

  • Ferris State’s fall and spring semesters last for 16 weeks. This includes instruction and exam weeks.

    The fall semester begins in late August and ends in mid-December.

    Spring semester begins in early January and ends in late May.

    Students are expected to adhere to the Ferris academic calendar and each instructor’s class schedule.

    There are  multiple spring/summer semester courses that run from mid-May to early August. Some classes will be more intensive six-week courses. Check with your high school counselor for your school district’s summer payment policy.

  • You can still enroll in the course if you wish, but high school students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Therefore, you would need to secure your own funding to take the course.

  • All grades from dual enrollment classes will be placed on your official Ferris transcript.

    Most colleges and universities generally require a minimum grade of “C” when accepting coursework from another post-secondary institution.

    To have your college-level courses evaluated at a college or university, request that your official transcripts be sent to the Office of Admissions at the institution.

    If you have questions about the transferability of your Ferris State credits, contact the college or university you are planning to attend after high school.

  • The University offers some online courses that are appropriate for high school students.

    Online courses tend to fill quickly. You are encouraged to submit their course registration forms as soon as possible for online classes. 

    FerrisNow recommends that students review the University's online learning guide

    There is an additional per-credit-hour fee of $12/credit hour for University online courses.

    Many of the courses we offer on campus are mixed-delivery classes that will give students an opportunity to experience online and face-to-face learning.

  • Usually dual enrollment students take classes at the 100- and 200-levels. You can view a list of potential courses for dual enrollment students online.

    You must meet the prerequisites for the courses and the classes have been approved by your high school counselor.

    Ferris has a policy regarding course prerequisites intended to benefit all students. Ferris views prerequisites as a necessary requirement and foundation for success.

    Course prerequisites are listed with each course description, as appropriate, in the University catalog.

  • You must complete a degree-seeking application to apply to attend Ferris after high school.

    The free application is available online.

    You can also visit the visit admissions webpage for more information.

 For more information, email [email protected]