Becoming a FerrisNow Affiliate Instructor

ClassFerrisNow affiliate instructors are high school teachers who are approved by Ferris State University faculty, and teach Ferris courses during the normal high school day.

Review the information below if you are interested in teaching Ferris classes at your high school or career and technical education center.

Becoming a FerrisNow Instructor

  • Because FerrisNow instructors are responsible for delivering the same course curriculum as classes on-campus, they must adhere to Ferris policies and expectations while teaching the course. 

    Concurrent enrollment allows students to earn college credit while adhering to Ferris' outcome standards

    Curriculum and Assessment

    • Assess student performance according to Ferris assessment criteria
    • Develop and distribute a separate syllabus for the Ferris course
    • Follow the agreed upon course schedule to ensure that the course is equivalent to the same course taught on campus
    • Provide students with the agreed upon curriculum
    • Teach the Ferris course as a stand-alone course


    • Check your Ferris email account for communications from the University, its faculty, and the FerrisNow Program
    • Notify the FerrisNow Program and the faculty member if you will be out of class for an extended period. For example, you are taking maternity leave, are ill, etc.
    • Notify the FerrisNow Program if your name or contact information changes
    • Promote the concurrent enrollment program to students and parents by distributing FerrisNow information
    • Remind your FerrisNow students about the University resources available to them.
    • Report withdrawals, drops or enrollment issues to the FerrisNow Program in a timely manner
    • Submit affiliate information and data security forms to the FerrisNow Program in a timely manner

    Course Management

    • Allow Ferris to administer the student survey
    • Encourage your students to apply by the appropriate deadline
    • Maintain a separate grade book for the Ferris course
    • Provide your midterm and final grades via MyFSU by the established deadlines
    • Review your class lists for accuracy. You should contact the FerrisNow Program to request roster changes.

    Professional Development

    • Participate in concurrent enrollment and FerrisNow professional development activities
  • University Standards

    FerrisNow affiliate instructors are high school instructors who teach concurrent enrollment courses. FerrisNow affiliate instructors meet instructor criteria established by the Ferris faculty, academic college, and University.

    The respective academic department approves affiliate instructors.

    Ferris State provides required discipline-specific training for instructors and professional development opportunities.

    Non-compliance policy

    Ferris has a non-compliance policy to address instructor non-compliance with university policy. The non-compliance policy applies to Ferris courses offered through concurrent enrollment.

    Non-compliance policy

    Higher Learning Commission Guidelines

    The Higher Learning Commission issued guidelines for dual-credit on October 1, 2014. Dual credit includes dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment courses.

    Per these guidelines, FerrisNow affiliate instructors must meet the same minimum qualifications as faculty teaching on the University campus. FerrisNow affiliate instructors must meet the following requirements:
    posses a master’s degree in the specialty they are teaching or
    have at least 18 graduate-level credit hours within that specialty

    Many Ferris academic programs have instructor requirements that are above and beyond the Higher Learning Commission’s guidelines.

  • The FerrisNow Program processes all requests for instructor application and concurrent enrollment courses.

    FerrisNow affiliate instructors teaching concurrent enrollment courses must meet instructor standards. These standards are included in the previous section.

    Instructor Application Process

    1. Speak to your high school principal, CTE Director or Career & Technical Education Center Director about teaching a Ferris course.

    2. Contact the FerrisNow Program. We will discuss your high school's eligibility to offer concurrent enrollment courses.

    3. Complete the online High School Instructor application through the Ferris Human Resources website.

    • Complete application.
    • Ferris requires that you upload your resume and unofficial college transcripts with the application.


  • 1. Your Ferris State faculty counterpart and college dean will review your application materials. They will determine if you meet the requirements to teach concurrent enrollment courses based an Ferris standards and Higher Learning Commission guidelines.

    2. The FerrisNow Program will notify you and your school administrator if you have been approved or denied to teach a Ferris course.

    If the Ferris faculty and college approve you to teach a University course, you are required to provide official copies of your college transcripts to the Ferris State University Human Resources Office.

    Timeline of approval

    Instructor approval timeline

  • Required Materials

    The FerrisNow Program will email approved FerrisNow affiliate instructors the following information.

    • “Approval to Teach” contract. You must sign and return the form to the FerrisNow Program.
    • "Affiliate Information and Data Security" forms. You must sign and return the forms to the FerrisNow Program.
    • Instructions for completing the "High School Instructor" application through the Ferris Human Resources website. Ferris requires you to send official copies of your college transcripts to the University's Human Resources office.

    Professional Development

    The University requires all FerrisNow instructors to attend the annual Professional Development Workshop. Ferris hosts the workshop each spring on the Big Rapids campus.

    This event provides you and the University faculty an opportunity to review the course syllabus and discuss the course and outcome expectations.

    You will meet with the FerrisNow staff, tour campus, and enjoy collegiate interactions with your Ferris faculty liaison.

    Guidelines and Policies

    There are guidelines and policies that you must follow when teaching concurrent enrollment courses. All FerrisNow affiliate instructors receive access to Ferris policies, procedures, and resources.

    These resources will help you as your teach concurrent enrollment courses through Ferris.
    The FerrisNow Program will provide you with information about who to contact with course curriculum, syllabi, and registration issues.


    Review the FerrisNow Instructor and Administrator Resources.


  • High school/career tech center instructors who do not meet Higher Learning Commission and/or University requirements are not permitted to teach Ferris courses.

    The academic department will provide detailed information to the FerrisNow Program when denying an instructor's FerrisNow application.

    The FerrisNow program will call the instructor and explain why he/she was denied approval to teach concurrent enrollment courses. The instructor will receive a formal letter with the explanation.


  •  Returning instructors who have completed the "High School Instructor" application through the Ferris Human Resources website and have submitted official copies of their college transcripts do not need to complete the online application again.