FerrisNow Students Participate in Mock Auto Claim

FerrisNow students from the Wilson Talent Center’s risk management and insurance program participated in the Mock Auto Claim at the Accident Fund in Lansing on April 15. Students were given a scenario about an auto accident that involved two individuals, Sparty and Wolv E. Rine. Cliff Miller of the Tri-County Agency of Tawas, MI, assisted with the mock auto claim, along with Brad Bush and Jake Dye from Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance of Lansing.

The students analyzed the accident in teams, using the information provided to them. They developed questions to ask the individuals involved, and asked questions to uncover information about coverage, liability, and indemnity.

“My favorite part of the Mock Auto Claim was the detail involved in analyzing an accident, and the complexity of the investigation afterward.,” said Andrea Willett, a junior from Okemos High School. “It opened my eyes to the difficulty of determining fault, and the elaborate process an adjuster goes through for every claim. It was a surprising experience.”

After students questioned Sparty and Mr. Rine, they ascertained the percentage of fault for the insured.

“There were varying opinions,” noted Willet. “But, overall we learned about negotiating the settlement of a claim, and the details involved in the profession of a claims adjuster.”

“We have been learning all about auto insurance,” said Hunter Barr, an early college student from Fowlerville High School. “By going to Accident Fund and doing a mock auto claim gave me real life experience and prepares me for my future insurance career.”

“Through using the auto policy, students were able to determine many factors such as coverages and limits,” pointed out Monique Colizzi, the risk management and insurance instructor for FerrisNow and the Wilson Talent Center. “They were able to delve deeper into Michigan no-fault and personal injury protection. They were able to bridge the gap to determine the outcome.”