FerrisNow Partner Spotlight: Wilson Talent Center and Capital Region Early College

Wilson Talent Center Logo

 February 11, 2019 

Ferris State University has collaborated with the Wilson Talent Center since 2015 to provide University courses to high school students. The Wilson Talent Center (WTC) is a career and technical education center serving the Ingham Intermediate School District. WTC students have earned 996 credit hours through FerrisNow since Fall 2015. 

Ferris classes offered at WTC include Career and Education Planning, Criminal Justice, Graphic Design, English, Hospitality, and Risk Management and Insurance. Most of these are concurrent enrollment courses taught by WTC teachers who meet Ferris’ teaching requirements and Higher Learning Commission guidelines.

The University also collaborates with the Capital Region Technical Early College (CRTEC), which is based on the WTC campus. CRTEC allows students to earn college credit at no cost to the student. Ferris is a partner in the Business and Risk Management program and the Culinary Arts and Hospitality program. The early college programs take three years to complete because early college students enroll in high school for a fifth year to obtain college credentials while earning their diplomas Students attend their home high schools and take college classes at WTC in 11th and 12th grades. In their 13th year, students enroll full-time in college. Students in both disciplines earn general education credit, credit specific to their chosen college degree, and post-secondary certificates through Ferris and Lansing Community College, which also partners with the CRTEC.

“Our unique partnership with Ferris State University through our Capital Region Technical Early College provides our students with an academic roadmap that accelerates them through a rigorous program of study,” state Nikki Coor, the Early College Coordinator. “Ferris provides a qualified and dedicated staff to guide and support our students. This acclimates them and creates a seamless transition to their college going experience.”