FerrisNow program posts record fall enrollment

Ferris State University’s FerrisNow program posted record fall enrollment in 2018 with 946 high school students enrolled in Ferris concurrent enrollment, dual enrollment, and Woodbridge Promise College Prep classes. This is the highest number of high school student enrolled during a fall term through the University.

FerrisNow students are attempting 3,808 credit hours this semester, the most attempted in a fall term.

 “Recent studies have shown that students who participate in dual and concurrent enrollment programs are more likely go to college after high school and ultimately earn a college degree,” stated Dr. DeeDee Stakley, Director of the Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships. “One of the biggest benefits of dual and concurrent enrollment is that students earn college credits that may help them to spend less time earning a degree and incur less student debt.”

 Ferris has 28 secondary school partnerships including 3 career centers, 4 early colleges, 20 high schools, and 1 community agency. The Ferris State Center for [email protected] Studies and Ferris State Charter Schools Office also have locations under these partnerships.

 In collaboration with 18 academic departments on campus, the FerrisNow program is offering 98 course sections this term. Twenty-three developmental curriculum sections are being offered with 14 sections of career and education planning, 8 sections of college study methods, 61 concurrent enrollment courses, and 9 classes were built for dual enrollment cohorts off-campus. There were 12 sections for the Woodbridge Promise Program.