Student Drops and Withdrawals

Students wishing to withdraw from or drop a course must have their high school submit the Student Drop/Withdraw Request Form.


Students may be dropped from the course during the four-day period which starts on the initial start date of the Ferris State course.

Requests for students to be removed from the class following the drop/add period will be processed as Withdrawals (W) or Withdrawal Failing (WF).

Withdrawals/Withdrawal Failing

A grade of “W” is issued when no more than 63% of a student’s class(es) has been completed. This grade is not computed in to a student’s cumulative GPA.

A grade of “WF” is issued when 63% or more of a student’s class(es) have been completed. This grade has a grade point value of zero (0.00) and is used when computing the GPA.

Drop and Withdraw Dates

View the Important Dates webpage for add, drop, and withdraw dates.