Student Application Process

The following application instructions are for students taking courses at their high school or career tech center.

FerrisNow students who are taking classes on the main Ferris campus in Big Rapids, MI, or on-site at Big Rapids High School, Crossroads Charter Academy, or Morley Stanwood High School should follow the application instructions for dual enrollment. 

Before beginning the application process, you should speak with your high school guidance counselor about course selection, course load, and pre-requisites. 

Start here!
1. Complete the free FerrisNow online application. Be sure to select "Dual Enrollment" from the drop-down menu on page 2 of the application.

2. Your high school counselor should email the following documents (one packet) to the FerrisNow Program on your behalf: 

  • current high school transcript 
  • test scores (Ferris accepts ACT, PLAN, SAT, PSAT, EXPLORE, MME, or ACCUPLACER)

(See the bottom of this web page for the FerrisNow Program email addresses.)

3. Once your application, transcript, and test scores have been submitted, the FerrisNow Program will evaluate your eligibility for the program. 

4. You will be registered for your Ferris class(es) after the FerrisNow staff has verified that you meet the eligibility requirements.

5. You will receive a FerrisNow acceptance letter as an email upon acceptance to the University.

High school counselors should send student application materials to the appropriate email address:

Important notes

  • Incomplete application packets will not be accepted.
  • High school transcripts must be submitted each year.
  • The FerrisNow Program may request student transcripts during the academic year as well.

Participation in FerrisNow Program does not guarantee admission to Ferris following a student’s high school graduation. Students must meet the University's admissions criteria.