FerrisNow affiliate instructors and secondary school partners must follow University guidelines and expectations. The FerrisNow Handbook contains these guidelines and expectations.

Ferris has procedures to address any non-compliance with these guidelines and responsibilities. This non-compliance policy conforms to program accreditation standards.

Non-Compliancy Procedures

  • Returning FerrisNow instructors who are not in compliance with University and FerrisNow policies and procedures will be notified of identified issue(s). The notification will occur within two weeks of the FerrisNow Program being notified of the issue(s) by the faculty liaison.

    The instructor will receive a plan of assistance to address the issues within the same time frame.
    Instructors will be placed on a plan of assistance to correct the identified issues and may continue to teach the next semester.

    Instructors who do not correct identified issues or instructors who are deemed unsuitable to continue teaching Ferris courses by the faculty liaison, department chair, and FerrisNow staff will be informed that they are no longer able to teach Ferris courses through the FerrisNow Program.
    Instructors will also receive a formal rationale of the decision. Notification will take place through written communication from the FerrisNow department.


    1. If the FerrisNow instructor and school administration do not follow the steps outlined in the action plan, and the department chair, faculty liaison and the FerrisNow Program determine the course is not being offered with sufficient academic rigor and intensity, the concurrent enrollment course will be cancelled for the following semester, and the instructor will not be permitted to teach through the University’s concurrent enrollment program in the future.

    2. The FerrisNow instructor and high school/career tech center administrators will be informed by the FerrisNow Program.

    3. The instructor’s administrators will be kept informed throughout this process.

    4. The FerrisNow department will work with school administrators to identify another instructor who meets instructor credentials.

  • Any FerrisNow affiliate instructor who does not attend the annual professional development activities is subject to the non-compliance policy. Attendance is necessary to ensure academic rigor and quality of Ferris courses being offered off-campus. 


    1. Instructors who do not attend the annual conference will be contacted within one week of the conference to set up a training session. The FerrisNow Program will contact the FerrisNow instructor’s secondary school administrator.
    2. The FerrisNow staff will coordinate with the faculty liaison and instructor to schedule the meeting.
    3. If the instructor fails to attend that training session, FerrisNow staff will contact the instructor and school administrator within one week to discuss the importance of attending annual professional development sessions. 
    4. FerrisNow and the instructor will discuss the consequences for non-compliance. This communication will take place over the phone or virtually. FerrisNow will send an email to provide a written record of the communication.
    5. If the instruct does not attend the next training, he/she will not be permitted to teach the Ferris course.
    6. The instructor and building administrator will be notified by FerrisNow staff. FerrisNow staff will work with the secondary school to identify another instructor who meets credential requirements to teach the course.