Enter Grades

1. Log-in to MyFSU.

Visit the ID and Password Help Page if you are unable to log-in to MyFSU.

2. Select the "Faculty and Advisors" tab.

On this tab you will find the "Faculty Tools" channel. 

You will see the links for "Midterm Grades" and "Final Grades."

Faculty Advisors Tab

3. Select the link for the grades you would like to enter (midterm or final).

4. Select the appropriate term.

term selection

5. Select the class.

class selection

6. Assign grades to students.

grade dropdown menuYou will see the "Grade" column when your class list appears. Each student has an expandable button initially set to "none." 

You will need to expand the button for each student in order to enter his/her grade.

When you are finished assigning grades, click the "Submit" button.