• High school students who enroll in a Concurrent Enrollment or College Readiness course are held to the same standards of achievement as students on campus. The same grading standards are utilized in Concurrent Enrollment and Center for College Readiness courses as courses offered on campus. Students are assessed using the same methods as students taking college courses on campus (papers, portfolios, quizzes, labs, etc.).
  • FerrisNow and College Readiness instructors are required to submit midterm and final grades.

    View the University-wide grading information.

    The following grades are not acceptable for FerrisNow students and  should not be used:

    • AU-Audit
    • CR-Credit
    • I-Incomplete
    • NC-No Credit
    • IP-In Progress

    Do not grade a student with these marks.

  • FerrisNow instructors are required to develop and distribute a syllabus for each Ferris course they are instructing. A syllabus should include course outcomes, objectives, policies, and any other information required by the Ferris academic department.

    This ensures that the course offered through the FerrisNow Program reflects the course taught on the Ferris State campus. Additionally, students have the responsibility of adhering to a college course syllabus.

    Course syllabi must be submitted to the Office of Transfer and Secondary School partnerships each semester by the appropriate deadline.


    Enrollment reports are sent to each school's registration contact during the registration process. However, instructors are required to log into MyFSU on the first day of class, print out their class roster(s), verify them for accuracy.

    An instructor must print out a class roster for each Ferris State course that he/she is teaching, verify that the roster is correct, sign the roster, and email a copy to [email protected] or [email protected]

    The roster should be printed from the instructor’s MyFSU account. 

    How to view a class roster in MyFSU

  •  All FerrisNow instructors must submit midterm and final grades by the established Ferris deadlines listed on the Important Dates page.

    There are two methods for submitting grades:

    1. You may enter grades directly in MyFSU or
    2. If you are using Canvas for your course, you can send grades from Canvas to Banner

    Use MyFSU to Submit Grades

    Enter grades in MyFSU 

    If you have technical issues when you try to enter grades through MyFSU, contact our Information Technology Solutions Center at (231) 591-4822 or chat with a representative online. 

    Send grades from Canvas to Banner

    If you are using the gradebook in Canvas, you can submit grades through the platform. 

    Before you send grades in Canvas, set up your Grading Schema to ensure your letter grades are correct.

    To send grades:

    • Click "Send Grades to Banner" (the Banner page will open)
    • Click "Continue to Grade Form"
    • Verify the grades are correct
    • Click "Submit Grades"
    • Select the appropriate tab (Midterm Grades or Final Grades)
    • Click "Submit"

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    If you encounter issues with this method, our E-learning team will be happy to help. E-Learning can be reached by phone at (231) 591-2808 or by email at [email protected].