FerrisNow Handbook - Instructors and High School/Career Tech Administrators

  • Offering a Ferris course

    FerrisNow has requirements for high schools and career tech centers who offer Ferris courses on their campuses.

    Determine the course schedule.

    Courses offered through FerrisNow may follow the Ferris academic calendar. Courses may also follow a modified Ferris calendar. If your school is on a trimester, classes may be held within that period.

    Ensure the course meets contact hour requirements.

    Courses offered through FerrisNow must meet the appropriate contact hours. For every credit, the class must meet for 15 hours.


    • A three-credit course meets for 45 contact hours (or 2,250 minutes) over the course of the semester.
      • Sample schedules for a three-credit course would be
        • meeting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 50 minutes for 15 weeks
        • meeting Tuesday and Thursday for 75 minutes for 15 weeks>
    • A two-credit course must meet for 30 contact hours (or 1,500 minutes) over the course of the semester.

    Consult your Ferris faculty contact.

    You should consult your Ferris faculty contact about courses you plan to offer. This ensures that course prerequisites, sequencing, and contact hours are being met.

    Ferris course catalog (descriptions and prerequisite requirements)

    Notify FerrisNow.

    The high school or career tech center should notify the FerrisNow Program of their intent to offer the Ferris course. High schools and career tech centers should provide this notification at least three months before the course begins.

    Complete the online course offerings form.

    A secondary instructor or administrator should complete the online Course Offerings Form. A course offerings form should be completed for each course section that will be offered.

    Course offering form

    The FerrisNow staff will assign a course reference number (CRN) to the course. FerrisNow may register your students after the course has a CRN.

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development Opportunities

    Professional Development Requirements

    Professional development is an expectation of all FerrisNow affiliate instructors. All FerrisNow instructors, including those new to concurrent enrollment, are required to attend the annual Professional Development Workshop.

    Ferris hosts the workshop on the Big Rapids campus each spring. This event provides high school teachers and University faculty an opportunity to discuss the course syllabus, philosophy, curriculum, pedagogy, assessments, outcome expectations, and required textbooks.

    FerrisNow reminds instructors about their obligations to attend the annual conference in the FerrisNow E-newsletter and emails.

    Though there are other professional development activities provided during the workshop, time is designated for the FerrisNow affiliate instructors to meet with their faculty liaisons. A discussion of discipline-specific course information occurs during these meetings. Instructors are required to sign the official sign-in sheet when they arrive at the FerrisNow Conference. They must sign another sign-in sheet when they meet with the faculty liaisons.

    FerrisNow staff collects these sign-in sheets to verify attendance. FerrisNow staff contacts the faculty liaisons prior to the meeting to remind them of the items that need to be covered. These items include pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline. Faculty liaisons will discuss revisions to the course curriculum, outcomes, syllabus, assessments and pedagogy.

    Instructor Absence from Professional Development Opportunities

    New and returning instructors who cannot attend the annual Professional Development Workshop must meet with their faculty liaison for one-on-one for training prior to teaching the concurrent enrollment course(s). FerrisNow understands that instructors may be not be able to attend the FerrisNow Conference due to weather, snow days, or other obligations. However, instructors should make every effort to attend.

    New instructors may be approved following the FerrisNow Conference and thus did not attend the annual meeting with the faculty liaison. In these cases, the FerrisNow staffs works with the faculty liaisons to schedule an additional training session for these FerrisNow instructors.

    Procedure for Rescheduling Annual Professional Development for Individual FerrisNow Instructors

    FerrisNow staff will work with the individual faculty liaison to schedule a training session for instructors who cannot attend the FerrisNow Conference. This may be conducted face-to-face or virtually through an online platform such as Zoom.

    While the FerrisNow staff attempts to schedule meetings before the end of the academic year, occasionally professional development sessions are scheduled over the summer.

    Any professional development sessions conducted after the FerrisNow Conference must be completed before the Ferris course start date.

    Documentation of Professional Development

    Faculty liaisons who meet with instructors outside of the FerrisNow Conference should provide an agenda and materials from the meeting to the FerrisNow Program. The FerrisNow staff will log that the meeting took place.

    Instructor Non-Compliance with Professional Development

    New and returning instructors who do not attend the annual professional development are subject to the non-compliance policy.

    Review the non-compliance policy.

  • Student ID Cards

  • The IRS requires higher education institutions to solicit Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) information from enrolled students where it is not obtained initially via the admissions application. This information is used for 1098-T reporting, which is a tuition statement used for tuition tax credits, where applicable.

    If a student’s SSN or ITIN is not provided on the admission application, solicitation letters will be mailed each semester to an enrolled student’s home address asking to provide this missing information to Ferris State University. These letters and their wording are required by the IRS and must describe the potential IRS penalty fee that may be imposed, and include a W-9 form or substitute, and a return envelope. Students should return the SSN/ITIN information to our offices by mail or fax only as described in the solicitation letter for security purposes.

    If students do not furnish their information, they will continue to receive these solicitation letters each semester and incomplete data may be furnished to the IRS for the tax year.

    More directions and information can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

    If there any questions about completion of necessary tax forms or qualifications for either tuition tax credit, students and their families should contact their tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Service