Maintaining Your Partnership with Ferris State University

Start Here

1. New instructors must submit applications to be reviewed. 

  • Contact the OTSSP for  information about the  instructor application process.

2. All instructors are required to meet with their faculty liaisons annually.

  • These meetings will take place at the annual FerrisNow Conference in the spring.

3. Submit the course offerings form.

  • This indicates your intent to offer a Ferris class(es).
  • Submit the form at least three months prior to the course's start date.

4. Identify eligible students. 

5. Collect and submit student application materials by the appropriate deadlines.

6. Start class!

  • Class rosters must be verified, syllabi submitted, and midterm and final grades entered by the appropriate deadlines.

7. Adhere to Ferris expectations, due dates, policies and procedures.