Establishing A Partnership with Ferris State University

Ferris Instructor and StudentsFerris State University is proud to partner with high schools, career and technical education centers, and early/middle colleges in Michigan to provide college-credit opportunities to high school students through the FerrisNow Program.

All secondary school partnerships are managed by the Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships.

Start Here

1. Contact us.

  • We will work with you to find the courses that best suits the needs of your students.
  • We will discuss the FerrisNow Program. instructor standards, partner expectations and Ferris State’s responsibilities.

2. Meet with your building’s instructors.

  • Determine their interest in teaching Ferris courses.
  • Instructors must meet Ferris guidelines and Higher Learning Commission instructor criteria to teach a college course. 
  • Applications are reviewed by the Ferris State Academic Department and faculty to determine an instructor's eligibility to teach Ferris courses.

3. Approved instructors must meet with their faculty liaison.


  • The meeting must occur prior to teaching the course and on an annual basis.
  • Curriculum, learning outcomes, and assessments will be discussed.

4. Submit the course offerings form.

  • This indicates your intent to offer a Ferris class(es).
  • Forms should be submitted at least three months prior to the start date. 

5. Identify eligible students.

6. Collect and submit student application materials by the appropriate deadlines.

7. Start class.

8. Adhere to Ferris expectations, due dates, policies, and procedures.

9. Maintain your partnership with Ferris.