Guidelines for Ferris Faculty Teaching Courses in High Schools/Career Tech Centers

  • About

    The Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships serves as the hub for collaborations between high schools and Ferris State University through our FerrisNow Programs. The FerrisNow Programs allows high school students to get a jump-start on their college education.

    Contact Information

    The FerrisNow Program is happy to answer questions or address any concerns faculty may have about dual enrollment classes or the FerrisNow Program.

    FerrisNow Program
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (231) 591-5985


    All Ferris faculty will be contacted by email before the start of the term by the Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships/FerrisNow program with the information in this document, along with the Ferris course information including the course number, title, days, times, and meeting location.

    Academic department chairs and other individuals designated by the department will be copied on the email to the faculty member.

  • Contact

    Instructors will be given the name and contact information of a high school staff member (usually the guidance counselor) who will serve as the FerrisNow point person on the high school campus.

    The high school contact is responsible for sharing information about the high school schedule, parking, classroom technology, and other pertinent information with the Ferris Faculty.  The high school contacts are aware that the Ferris faculty will be teaching the course and that the faculty will be reaching out for this information.

    Disruptions in class

    Ferris faculty should notify the high school contact immediately if they encounter disruptive students in the class. If the situation is not resolved by the high school contact in a timely manner, contact the FerrisNow Program at [email protected] or at (231) 591-5985.

    Because you will be teaching in a high school setting, you may hear announcements over the PA system during class time.


    Ferris and High School alignment

    Faculty need to be cognizant of the high school schedule which does not always align with the Ferris academic calendar. Therefore, it is important that the faculty contact the point person at the high school. The high school contact will provide the faculty with a copy of the schedule. If the high school is closed for half days, snow days, holidays, breaks, etc., faculty will not teach.

    Notification of school closings

    In the case of inclement weather, school closings are broadcast by the local radio and TV stations and are often posted on the channels’ websites.

    Many high schools post closing information on their social media pages.

    Radio/tv stations in the Big Rapids area include WWBR 100.9, WYBR 102.3, WCMU 89.5, 9&10 News.


    The high school contact can provide faculty with detailed information about the technology available in the high school classroom. Should faculty need technology not available in the high school classroom, please contact Ferris’ Information Technology Support Center ( and/or the FerrisNow Program at [email protected] or (231) 591-5985.

    Some high schools do not permit the use of mobile devices in the school. If students need to use their mobile devices (such as cell phones or tablets) in class, reach out to the high school contact to obtain permission for the students to use this technology.

  • Missing Class

    There may be occasions when a faculty member will not be able to teach the Ferris class at the high school due to conference attendance, illness, or a prior obligation. Faculty should contact the high school to let them know the date(s) he/she will be unable to teach to see if Ferris will need to provide a substitute teacher for the class on that day. If Ferris needs to provide a substitute instructor, contact the FerrisNow Program at [email protected] or at (231) 591-5985.

  • Student ID Numbers and Resources

    All FerrisNow students are accepted to the University. Students receive an acceptance letter with their student ID number. They have access to MyFSU, FLITE, and Technology Support resources, and have the opportunity to get a Ferris ID card if they wish. If students are having trouble in accessing MyFSU, please refer them to the Technology Assistance Center at (231) 591-4822 or or [email protected]

     Information about FerrisNow Student policies is available in the FerrisNow Handbook at

    Student Code of Conduct and Academic Policies

    FerrisNow students are held to the same code of conduct and academic policies as students taking courses on the main Big Rapids campus or at one of the University’s statewide locations.

    Educational Counseling and Disability Services

    All FerrisNow students have access to the services provided by the University’s Educational Counseling and Disability Services (ECDS). Should you have a student who needs accommodations, the student should reach out to ECDS at (231) 491-3057 or at [email protected] Students and their parents/guardians may visit the ECDS office on campus in the Arts and Sciences Commons, room 1017.

    The ECDS staff is fully supportive of the FerrisNow Program and have assisted high school students across the state with accommodations for concurrent and dual enrollment courses.

  • Curriculum Standards

    Concurrent enrollment, dual enrollment and college readiness courses have the same departmental designations, course descriptions, numbers, titles and credits as courses offered on Ferris’ campus. Courses reflect the pedagogical, theoretical and philosophical orientation of the sponsoring college/university departments.

    Students are to be provided with curriculum and assessments that align with Ferris’ criteria. Faculty members should contact their academic department should they have any questions regarding course curriculum standards.


    High school students enrolling in Ferris courses are covered by the University’s FERPA policy, not the high school policy.

    Review the University's FERPA website. 

    Call or email [email protected] if you have questions related to FERPA.

     Students must complete an “Authorization to Release Information Form” if they wish to have their grades and other academic records discussed with their parents or guardians. The FerrisNow program can provide this form. (The student must complete the form. A parent/guardian signature is not needed).


    The Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships sends a fax to the high schools with the midterm grade report for their FerrisNow students. While Ferris professors are not required to enter midterm grades, it is helpful for the high school to know how students are performing in your course. We may need to consider withdrawing students if their grades are low.


    Textbook/Required Materials

    The faculty member is responsible for providing information regarding textbooks and any other required course materials to the FerrisNow Program. FerrisNow will share this information with the high school so students are prepared on the first day of class. FerrisNow can be reached at (231) 591-5985 or at [email protected].

  • Information/issues not covered in this document

    Contact Lthe FerrisNow Program should you need information not included on this website, or if you encounter an issue that is not included. FerrisNow can be reached at [email protected] or at (231) 591-5985.

    FerrisNext Scholarship

    Students who complete at least three college credits with a “C” or higher through Ferris while in high school may qualify for the FerrisNext Scholarship should they choose to attend Ferris after high school. The scholarship is valued at $1000/per year ($4000 for four years).

     Detailed information and complete scholarship criteria is available at on the Incoming Freshmen Scholarships webpage. Faculty may to share this information with FerrisNow students. Contact the FerrisNow Program if you would like scholarship flyers to distribute to your students.