Ashley Burgess
Ashley Burgess

MyDegree Administrative Support
Curriculum and ADA Compliance Specialist
Phone: (231) 591-5437
Email: [email protected]


  • Other, MISI, Ferris State University, Master's of Information Security and Intelligence
  • Other, Incident Response, Ferris State University, Incident Response
  • Other, Graduate Certificate, Ferris State University, Project Management
  • Other, Graduate Certificate, Ferris State University, Business Intelligence
  • BS, Ferris State University, Information Security and Intelligence, Digital Forensics
  • Other, Minor, Ferris State University, Computer Information Systems

Graduate/Post-Graduate Training

  • Internship, HR Data Security Intern, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI, United States


For two years, I have worked in the MyDegree department at Ferris State University. I was first tasked with making the checksheets compliant with ADA standards. I used Microsoft Word to create templates that consisted of styles and formatting to ensure all checksheets were consistent. I used various screen readers and color contrast analyzers to ensure the checksheets met ADA standards. Upon completion of this project, I continue to ensure the checksheets remain consistent and compliant with ADA standards each academic year. I stay up-to-date with the current ADA standards, as well as the University’s compliance policies.
I work closely with the University’s curriculum committee, Registrar, Academic Affairs, and MyDegree (RAM), creating and modifying forms for curriculum proposals; including creating all the proposed checksheets. As part of this process, I verify the accuracy of all information on the checksheets using Banner. In order to keep track of workflow and track data, I use Excel spreadsheets and Cherwell tickets. Using the data from these Excel spreadsheets, I am able to create reports using Excel formulas and Pivot tables which provides the ability for the MyDegree team to make better informed curriculum-related decisions.
I occasionally work with the other members of the MyDegree team to ensure that the data within MyDegree matches the checksheets. This includes using the various tools within the MyDegree software, as well as reviewing the MyDegree Scribe language to verify the accuracy of the data. In addition, my background knowledge in computer programming, database design, and data extraction allows me to assist the MyDegree team in making decisions about updates and assist in troubleshooting issues when they arise.
I frequently make modifications to the MyDegree website, including adding events, training manuals and videos, and other materials to the website using Omni Update.
In addition to my experience with the MyDegree team, I worked as a Data Security Intern in the Human Resources department at Ferris State University in 2015. I was responsible for establishing data security processes, evaluating security and auditing tools, auditing user privileges for the University’s talent management software (PeopleAdmin), and creating and implementing an administrative user request form to change user privileges according to the employee’s current role and status within the University.