Program Information

Program Information

What Is The Mentor Program? The Peer Mentor Program teams sophomore, junior and senior student volunteers, who serve as positive role models, with first-year students. It is known that if first-year students have meaningful interactions with a positive mentor, their motivation and academic performance are significantly increased. The program strengthens and sustains students in meeting their educational goals and in helping make the college experience exciting, fulfilling.

What Is Mentoring? Mentoring consists of focused and selected activities that seek to enhance and enrich students opportunities to successfully persist at Ferris State University through goal attainment and graduation. Mentoring activities link students with a concerned person (MENTOR) who will listen, understand, negotiate, and encourage students to utilize all resources available to achieve academic success.

Should You Get Involved? The program is highly recommended for first semester students who experienced academic challenges during high school, students concerned about their transition to a college environment, as well as students who are genuinely interested in learning techniques and approaches to becoming a master student.

The program is designed for participants to have fun learning! Various activities are planned throughout the semester to allow mentors to constructively interact with their mentees.

What Is A Mentor? Mentors are experienced students who volunteer to assist in the Peer Mentor Program because of their genuine interest in the educational and personal advancement of students. They function as coaches, friends, and most of all, as positive role models.

Program Requirement - All first-year or transfer students are eligible to participate in the Peer Mentor Program. There are students required to participate based upon their admission criteria. Otherwise, participation is voluntary. However, to be eligible for support services and activities provided by the program, participants must complete the Mentee Application. Upon review of your application, the program coordinator will review your application and select a mentor based upon your specific needs.

Once you become involved in the program, there are activities, workshops, and presentations organized to assist you.

Events may include program “kick-off”, team building activities, academic workshops, cultural awareness events, appreciation functions, and other activities which are guaranteed to bring out the best in each participant!