Incentives and Awards

awardsProgram Incentives

The Peer Mentor Program offer a number of incentives during the academic year to encourage mentors and mentees to take full advantage of the program possibilities. A few incentives consist of movie tickets, certificates to local restaurants, cultural events, and more.

Program Awards

Study Buff Award - Mentees who have at least 20 recorded hours with the Academic Support Center (Tutorial Services) in ASC 1017 become eligible to receive the Study Buff Award.

M&M Award - The mentor and mentee who attend the most SCHOLAR Program events and other campus activities together throughout the semester become eligible for this award. Every activity must be recorded on the "Activity Summary Sheet" and signed by both mentor and mentee. A "Sign-In" sheet will be available at every SCHOLAR Program event to verify attendance.

Perfect Attendance Award - Each mentee who successfully completes the semester without missing any classes become eligible for this award. Certificates are awarded to mentees for perfect attendance in any one class. Additional acknowledgment is awarded to the mentee for perfect attendance in all classes. To verify that requirements for this award have been met, each instructor will sign a "Perfect Attendance Form" at the end of the semester.

Bulldog Achievement Award - The mentee acknowledged for this award will have attended the most (minimum of 5 seminars) Academic Support Seminars during the semester.

SCHOLAR Award - The mentee(s) who have demonstrated high academic achievement become eligible for the SCHOLAR award. The mentee must have attended at least five (5) SCHOLAR Program activities while earning the highest GPA above 3.25 and completing 12 semester hours at the end of the semester.