Morgan Czajkowski

  • Undergraduate Major(s): Criminal Justice
  • Hometown: Bronson and Colon, MI


Why did you decide to attend college?

My education is the greatest component I have and I want to succeed in my life.

How did you learn that you were a first generation college student?

I was filling out an application for the TRIO support group at my community college I had graduated from. One of the questions asked if I was a 1st gen. student. 

What support system or mentors do you have in college?

My parents. 

What were your personal, family or community strengths that motivated you to attend college?

My academic success and I have always planned on attending college, there was no questions about it.

What has surprised you most about your college experience so far?

Friends do not last long and college is not like it is showed in movies.  

What do you hope that you can do with your bachelor’s degree?

I would like to become a criminal investigator/ detective and work for the FBI one day. 

What advice do you have to a new first generation college student considering or pursuing a degree at Ferris?

Seek new opportunities and attend campus events.