Edward Batrow Jr.

  • Undergraduate Major(s): General Studies
  • Hometown: Detroit, MI


Why did you decide to attend college?

I came to college to break my family cycle of men not graduating and finishing college.

How did you learn that you were a first generation college student?

I know I was first generation from the fact I was the male in my family that went to college.

What support system or mentors do you have in college?

I do not have a support system.

What were your personal, family or community strengths that motivated you to attend college?

My personal strengths was God.

What has surprised you most about your college experience so far?

How people can be up tight sometimes and different genders of race.

What do you hope that you can do with your bachelor’s degree?

I hope I can start in my career that I want.

What advice do you have to a new first generation college student considering or pursuing a degree at Ferris?

Explore more about your university and make the best out of what you do.