Counseling Workshops

Strategies For Your Educational Success

This workshop is intended for students who want to raise their grades. Through a workshop format, two assessments are completed and scored. A follow-up appointment(s) with a counselor provides the student with a one-on-one opportunity to tailor a plan for success using the strengths identified as well as self-identified changes that can improve one's opportunity to achieve academic success.

Career Choices

This workshop introduces students to career counseling using a group format and one-on-one time with professional counselors. Students will explore a values assessment and take two nationally recognized career assessments. The assessments identify interests and personality type correlated to their personalized report. In the one-on-one time, counselors will help the student through self exploration.

Test Anxiety Workshop

This workshop has two parts. The first part focuses on what Test Anxiety is and how it is generated. Some cognitive coping techniques will be discussed. The second part of the workshop is an introduction to different relaxation techniques that can be used before a test.