How to Request Accommodations from Disabilities Services

Step 1

Contact Disabilities Services at 231-591-3057 or [email protected] to schedule a time to discuss accommodations via phone or in-person.

Step 2

Provide documentation of your disability and complete the appropriate paperwork. Attend an informational session (in person or via phone) to discuss accommodation requests, accommodation history, and the impact of your condition(s).

Step 3

In addition to information discussed during the informational meeting, documentation and forms will be reviewed to determine eligibility for accommodations. Decisions regarding accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis.

Step 4

If your requests for accommodations are APPROVED, Disabilities Services generates a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) which documents what accommodations have been granted. This will be delivered to your Ferris email account.

Step 5

You will attend an orientation appointment with Disabilities Services and each subsequent semester you will complete an SRA appointment to maintain your registration for your services.

Step 6

You will receive a form titled "Verified Individualized Service Accommodation Form (SRA)" which you will then present to each professor to discuss the implementation of your accommodations. You must request an SRA with Disabilities Services each semester to receive accommodations.

If your requested accommodations are not approved, you are encouraged to meet with our Department Head to discuss the reasons for the denial and/or complete a letter of appeal.