Services and Procedures - Disabilities Services

What Services are Provided to Students at FSU Thru Your Office?

Our office coordinates and provides accommodations for academic programs. Services may be individualized to address a specific functional limitation.

Disabilities Services are optional and students may select one or more services to best accommodate their functional limitations. Experimentation with accommodations is encouraged. Some accommodations may have qualifying factors so not all students may be eligible.

  • Academic Accommodations: Students are eligible for accommodations based on the documentation of their disability.
  • Assistive or Adaptive Technology: Equipment that promotes capability in handling a wider range of activities with greater independence for students with disabilities.
  • Tutorial Support: The Academic Support Center offers tutorial support for all Ferris State University students. Students with disabilities are encouraged to take advantage of existing tutorial support and labs available on campus. Students are also encouraged to meet with their professors for individual help. We do not have LD trained tutors available.

There is no charge for receiving accommodations from the Educational and Career Counseling Center & Disabilities Services.