What Happens During the Intake Interview and Future Sessions at Disabilities Services?

Once a student has followed the process to request services and Disabilities Services has received a complete Disability Services packet with documentation, we invite the student to an Intake Interview with a Counselor. During this one hour appointment we will:

  • Review documentation
  • Review the Student Questionnaire
  • Explain the role of Disabilities Services
  • Explain what Disabilities Services can and cannot do as an office of disability service
  • Discuss other aspects of the educational experience a student may expect to encounter while attending Ferris State University

The Intake emphasizes an open, collaborative effort between the student and the counselor to develop a set of reasonable accommodations.

While our office welcomes parents to attend the Intake, we ask parents not to attend subsequent meetings so the student may develop independence and autonomy over his or her educational experience.

During future sessions:

  • Each semester a student must request accommodations, generally immediately after registration for the upcoming semester.
  • Academic progress will be reviewed.
  • Appropriate referrals will be made.
  • Issues regarding accommodations will be addressed.
  • Other issues or needs as defined by the student will be discussed.