What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Disabilities Services?

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Resolution 504, Ferris State University accommodates students with documented disabilities. The student seeking accommodations for a disability must provide recent documentation of the disability that will be evaluated by the Department Head or licensed counselors in Disabilities Services to determine the need for accommodations.

The student must initiate the action by contacting Disabilities Services. If the student does not provide documentation, no accommodations will be provided. Students with the same disability may require different accommodations.

Parents cannot identify special needs for their child.

Although students are not required to identify themselves as having a disability, it is important they understand they are not eligible for accommodations until they have done so. This is referred to as "self-identifying."

Accommodations are not retroactive and a new request must be submitted each semester the student is enrolled if he/she wants accommodations.

Disabilities Services reserves the right to request reassessment when a previous assessment is inadequate and/or out-of-date.