Information for Volunteer Note-Takers

A volunteer note taker is a classmate who is hired, based on a recommendation by the class instructor and the student's GPA, to share their notes with a student with a disability. Disabilities Services provides NCR (No Carbon Required) paper to students with this accommodation free of charge for this purpose.

Volunteer note-taker accommodations are approved by Disabilities Services. They are provided as a reasonable academic accommodation for students with documented disabilities that interfere with the individual's ability to take notes in class.

Note-taker accommodations are administered through Disabilities Services. The student making the request must have complied with the University's accommodation approval process and have submitted documentation of their disability to Disabilities Services.

It is the responsibility of the student requesting the accommodation to work with Disabilities Services in order to determine in which classes volunteer note-takers are needed.

The student is encouraged to attend classes first in order to best determine which classes will most necessitate the note-taker accommodation. It is the responsibility of the Professor to make a recommendation or to ask the class if anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer note-taker. It is recommended that the student speak to their professor about confidentiality before the Professor makes the announcement.

Once a note-taker volunteers, refer this individual to Disabilities Services in order to facilitate the paperwork.

When a volunteer note-taker has been hired, they have the opportunity to record their volunteer hours at the Volunteer Center. Disabilities Services will be the contact to list on the account for volunteer note-taking hours. They will verify volunteer hours at the Volunteer Center with the hours listed on the note-taker's anecdotal form when turned into Disabilities Services. Once the hours are verified and approved, they will appear on the student's log and will be counted.

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Go to Arts and Sciences Commons 1017 to turn in anecdotal forms.