Learning Disability Impairment Overview

Common Barriers Experienced at the University Level

A student who has a learning disability may experience one or more of the following barriers to learning and inclusion. Please note this list provides only a sample of common barriers.

  • Significant additional time spent on reading (often 2-3 times longer than regular students due to slow, inaccurate reading and reading comprehension difficulties).
  • Difficulty with expressive language especially recall and organization — this can affect written and verbal tasks.
  • Difficulty in meeting deadlines due to the significant amount of additional time involved in reading and written tasks.
  • Difficulty following a sequence of tasks, or organizing sections of a task in order to achieve an outcome.
  • Performance under timed assessment is often significantly compromised.
  • Organizational and time management difficulties.
  • Fatigue from additional workload and stress in keeping abreast of subject content.

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