Exams, Tests and Quiz Accommodations


Services within our office facilitate test, quiz and exam accommodations for students with a documented disability, who are eligible for modifications such as extended time, readers, scribes, or the use of a word processor.

Arranging for Exams/Tests/Quizzes to be Administered in Our Office

After conferring with the instructor about a date and time, a student may arrange a time for an exam to be given in our office. To take an exam in our office, students are required to make an appointment with us 48 hours in advance of the test. For midterm and final exams, students should contact our office one week in advance. This gives our office time to notify the instructor, get the exam and to clarify any questions we might have about administering the test.

The instructor will complete the information requested on the Test Transmittal Form:

Timely completion of the Test Transmittal Form is critical for arranging exam accommodations at our office and is necessary to ensure that each exam is administered according to the directions of the instructor.

Sending Exams to Disabilities Services

Instructors may send exams to Disabilities Services via e-mail, personal delivery or campus mail. Please note if you choose to send an exam by campus mail, please allow three to four days for its arrival. If you choose to send an exam by e-mail, it works best to send the file as a Microsoft Word or PDF document. Send it as an e-mail attachment addressed to: [email protected]. Please attach a Test Transmittal Form for each exam.

For other questions regarding exams or Disabilities Services, please call (231) 591-3507.