Faculty/Staff Overview

As a faculty or staff member at Ferris State University, you have the exciting opportunity to teach and interact with students from diverse backgrounds. Students with disabilities participate in all types of postsecondary education, and in order to be full participants in every part of college life, they may use reasonable accommodations. While federal and state legislation ensure that all qualified persons have equal access to education regardless of the presence of any disabling conditions, access to education means more than simply admission to a university or community college. Access means providing students with the tools they will need to be successful in higher education.

Accommodations for students with disabilities are designed to "level the playing field", not provide unfair advantages over other students. Accommodations in classroom and lab space are all ways to provide access for the student with a disability. Failure to make accommodations for students with disabilities can place the University in violation of federal and state statutes and can result in costly penalties.

Our website is designed to assist you in providing meaningful educational opportunities for students with disabilities. It is in no way suggested that course content be "watered down" or significantly altered. What is strongly suggested is that faculty members examine their teaching style, testing procedures, and course assignments so viable alternatives can be designed for students with disabilities. While each student is unique and will require individualized accommodations, this information should serve as a guide for making such accommodations.

We have included information to help you in the classroom, some general information to keep in mind when working with a student with a disability, a website explaining the commitment to Electronic Information Technology accessibility at Ferris, additional resources available to help when working with students with disabilities, and FAQ's to be sure we've answered any other questions you might have. For those of you who want to test your knowledge we've included a Disabilities Quiz.

Our staff is available to provide consultations via e-mail or phone. An on-call staff member is always available to promptly respond to your questions during our office hours. We encourage all faculty, staff and students to call us should questions or concerns arise.