Identifying a Qualified Professional

For assistance in finding a qualified professional:

  • Contact Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services to discuss documentation needs.
  • Discuss your future plans with our counselors.
  • If additional documentation is required, seek assistance in identifying a qualified professional.

In selecting a qualified professional:

  • Ask what his or her credentials are.
  • Ask what experience he or she has had working with adults with learning disabilities.
  • Ask if he or she has ever worked with the service provider at your institution or with the agency to which you are sending material.

In working with the professional:

  • Take a copy of these guidelines to the professional.
  • Encourage him or her to clarify questions with the person who provided you with these guidelines.
  • Be prepared to be forthcoming, thorough and honest with requested information.
  • Know that professionals must maintain confidentiality with respect to your records and testing information.

As follow-up to the assessment by the professional:

  • Request a written copy of the assessment report.
  • Request the opportunity to discuss the results and recommendations.
  • Request additional resources if you need them.
  • Maintain a personal file of your records and reports.