The TIP Registration Form is required for all Phase 1 TIP students. Below is some helpful information about the form and the process of submitting the form.

TIP Phase 1 Registration Form (on Financial Aid's website)

Students must:

  1. Complete the TIP Registration Form including the top section of student information (Name, FSU ID, Semester, and Program) as well as the student section (Subject/Course Number and Credit Hours)
  2. Sign and submit the form to advisor or Dean's Office once registered for the courses

Advisors must:

  1. Complete the TIP Registration Form Advisor Section using MyDegree to determine if a class is required for the primary associate degree
  2. To confirm that a course is counted, scroll down to the "additional courses" box, if there are no courses in this section, all courses are required for the associate degree

If a course (or courses) are not required for the Associate Degree program, there are 3 options:

  1. The student can change the course to a course required for their primary associate degree
  2. A note can be entered in MyDegree with any substitutions if the class is required for the degree (i.e. a Directed Elective that is not populating under DE)
  3. The student must sign off on the TIP Form that the course is not eligible for TIP Phase 1 funding (Phase 1 funding will not be paid out for the course)

Submitting a TIP Form does not guarantee funding. Students must have a completed FAFSA on file and must be eligible for Phase 1 to receive TIP funding. TIP Funding is first come, first served based on availability.