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Low Elements

Low elements are approximately 1-2 feet off the ground

Some experts in the field of adventure education will differentiate between low elements and initiatives. The main difference lies with the responsibility given to the group to decide how individuals are organized to spot the activity. With certain activities, spotters perform in a predefined order as orchestrated and controlled by the facilitator. Initiatives give more freedom to the group to make responsible safety decisions. With initiatives, the participants negotiate an activity safely without the use of spotters. In short, the participants have demonstrated that they have the ability to make sound judgments concerning spotting. Some believe a continuum of facilitator involvement exists based upon the readiness and confidence of the group. For instance, a newly formed group may need maximum facilitator involvement to steer the group into responsible spotting of activities. A group that has been together for some time may be able to make independent decisions with little facilitator input. But, situations could arise where a group is not progressing to the point where they can be independent and the facilitator's input is necessary. Low elements and initiatives are both close to the ground and require spotting and safety mechanism.

Swinging Log
  • Swinging Log
  • Description: The swinging log is approximately 15 feet long and is suspended about one foot off the ground. The log is suspended by a cable at each end which is connected to a tree.
  • Objective: To access the log at one of the ends and walk across to the opposite end.
Mohawk Walk
  • Adventure Walk
  • Description: a series of cables connected to trees approximately 1 foot above the ground.
  • Objective: To have the group cross the cables without falling off.
Spider's Web
Spider's Web
  • Spider's Web
  • Description: The Spider's Web is a prefabricated web strung between two trees, poles, or any freestanding objects. The upright poles/trees are approximately 10 feet apart, but his can be adjusted depending on conditions and group size. Webs may be constructed from a variety of materials from heavy kite string to bungee cord. Webs may also be portable or semi-permanent depending on needs and conditions. The web is constructed of 10-15 holes/openings so that every participant in an average sized group can have their own hole. The top border of the web should not be much higher than a group could lift a participant to be passed through a hole, about 6 feet.
  • Objective: To get the group from one side of the web to the other side going through the web holes without touching any of the lines and staying within the predefined boundaries of the task.
  • Nitro Crossing
  • Description: A swing rope is attached to a cable handing down from the catwalk. Two boards are placed on the ground approximately 10 feet a part to determine the swing distance.
  • Objective: To get the entire group across the swing distance.
  • Trust Fall Platform
  • Description: A platform or tree stump 3-5 feet off the ground.
  • Objective: To develop physical trust in the group. The participant climbs on top of the platform, turns his/her back towards the group, hold their body rigid, and falls backwards to be caught by the group.
  • Triangle Tension Traverse
  • Description: A series of three cables strung between three trees/poles forming a close proximity equilateral triangle. The cables are approximately 15 to 20 feet long and 2 feet off the ground. A rope is secured to the tree/pole at the starting point and is long enough to reach the far end of the triangle. The height of the attachment is approximately 8-10 feet off the ground. The rope is used by the participant to help them balance while attempting to traverse the activity.
  • Objective: For participants to traverse the triangle using the rope for balance, without stepping off the cable. Two people may go at the same time and crossover one another on the far cable.
  • Wild Woozy
  • Description: Two cables approximately 20 feet in length connected to trees or poles in a "V" formation approximately 2-3 feet above the ground.
  • Objective: From the starting point two people will step up onto the cable and clasp hands above their heads. With arms above heads they will lean against each other and attempt to travel out on the cable as far as possible without touching the ground.
  • Multivine Traverse
  • Description: Two cables strung between two poles/trees approximately 20-30 feet apart with one cable approximately 2 feet off the ground and the other cable approximately 10 feet off the ground with ropes suspended from it.
  • Objective: For participants to walk from one end of the cable to the other without touching the ground, using the suspended ropes for balance.
  • Mountain Games
  • Description: Three 3' x 3' wooden platforms on the ground approximately 5' apart and two 3's x 8 boards.
  • Objective: For the group to travel from the starting platform to the ending platform without any member of the group or the boards touching the ground.