Summer Housing Rates

Taking classes and living on campus during the summer can reduce your time to graduation. Enjoy the beautiful grounds of Ferris and local festivities in Big Rapids.

You qualify for free housing if you are enrolled in 6 or more credit hours or if you work full time on campus and have a housing contract for 2018-19.

Don't pay monthly for an apartment far away from your classes. Instead, pay one rate for the entire summer semester and enjoy unlimited utilities, a short walk to class, and The Rock!

Summer Housing Contracting opens February 19, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. See Opening/Closing Dates for when to move in/out. Explore various summer meal plans.

Residence Halls

Summer 2018 Rate
Enrolled in 6 or more credit hours $0/semester - double room*

Working full time on campus,
and Housing contract for 2018-19

$0/semester - double room*
All other students

$2,264/semester - single room

*upgrade to a single room for $500/semester

East Campus Suites

Summer 2018 Rate
4 Bedroom Suite $690/semester
2 Bedroom Suite $850/semester

West Campus Apartments

Summer 2018 Rate
Room per person w/o Central Air (2 or 3 Bedroom) $621/semester
Room per person w/ Central Air (2 or 3 Bedroom) $690/semester
Room per person w/ Central Air (4 Bedroom) $759/semester
2 Bedroom Family $1,079/semester
3 Bedroom Family $1,179/semester

How to Sign a Contract

Signing a summer contract with MyHousing is easy. Click here to learn how.