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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Community

For students that want a more engaged and intentional educational environment, Ferris Living Communities are a great opportunity for merging academics and out of the classroom education. In the years of research done on living community models in colleges across the nation, living communities have consistently shown to improve a student’s educational experience as a whole.

Ferris State offers several different living communities options for our students.  Each community is designed to have academic support through faculty and the educational department associated with the community.

Living, Learning Communities

Living, Learning Communities (LLC) are residential communities that introduce and integrate academic and social learning through faculty involvement and holistic education. LLCs are designed to great a greater sense of community through increased opportunities for faculty and peer interaction. LLCs provide students and faculty opportunities for connection outside the classroom and support networking across common interests.

The DEAL Living and Learning Community

What’s The DEAL?

What’s The DEAL? The DEAL intentionally fosters Diversity awareness, Engagement experiences, Academic enhancement and Leadership skills among freshman students beginning with a Pre-College Success Conference program where relationships are formed and college and career readiness skills are introduced. The connections between DEAL students continue throughout the academic year as students live and learn together in McNerney Hall. During the Pre-College Success Conference in August, DEAL students will foster strategies in college and career readiness, make social connections, and get acclimated to Ferris’s campus. The DEAL will provide a family-like community and staff support to help you transition and be successful. For questions please contact us at [email protected].

For FAQs and to APPLY to the DEAL Early Move-In and Living and Learning Community Visit: The Deal

Applications include both programs and are accepted on a rolling basis. Spaces are limited.

LGBTQ+ Liberation House

Located on the first floor of North Bond Hall, the LGBTQ+ Liberation  House is a Living Learning Community of Ferris State University's Housing department, dedicated to providing a safe, Pride-filled community for students who identify as LGBTQ+, as members of LGBTQ+ community, and students who are interested in a community that supports deep learning about gender and sexuality diversity, LGBTQ+ histories, identities, and cultures. The residential experience will specialize in strong community and leadership development, activism, and education on issues pertaining to gender and sexuality diversity at Ferris State University and in the local, national, and global contexts.

LGBTQ+ Liberation House supports gender-inclusive, single room assignments for students, and a residential curriculum focused on wholistic student and community wellness, transformative dialogues, and education about gender and sexuality diversity, facilitated by LGBTQ+ Resource Center professional staff, campus and community partners, and a live-in theme program assistant partner from FSU’s Housing student staff who will be supported by both Housing and LGBTQ+ Resource Center professional staff. Students are expected to adhere to community agreements, values, and principles.

Students also participate in socials, community outreach and activities, event planning, and community building. LGBTQ+ Liberation House students learn about identity, community, leadership, and activism, while having fun and making friendships that can last a lifetime.


LGBTQ+ Liberation House students are expected to participate and be actively engaged in theme program activities and events, including:

  • A yearlong series of community meetings that include program participant check-ins and dialogue. This is designed to provide students with a space for learning about issues of sexuality, gender, and community through dialogue.
  • Participate in a LGBTQ+ Liberation symposium or teach-in about a topic or topics concerning gender and sexuality diversity for the Ferris community during the Spring Semester.
  • Signature events, to be designed by program participants with support from LGBTQ+ and Residence Hall staff.


Sign up for the Liberation house via this Microsoft Form Submission. Write at a sentence or two about why you are interested in participating in the LGBTQ+ Liberation House, include your student ID number and the name and pronouns you want Ferris staff to use when they contact you about your housing, and a member of the Housing staff will be in touch about finalizing your housing contract.

You CAN sign up for the LGBTQ+ Liberation House (space permitting) if you are already signed up for campus housing; please let the LGBTQ+ Office (231) 591-2658 know if you have a housing assignment somewhere else.

NOTE: If you want gender neutral housing, please contact [email protected], as these are two separate interest forms that will need to be completed.

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Themed Communities

A Themed community is a group of students living together in a residence hall to pursue shared educational and involvement goals. Each themed community has a faculty or staff advisor who support the members of the themed community.

Friendship Communities

A Friendship community is a group of students living together in a residence hall community pursuing shared educational and involvement goals. These communities exist for only one academic year and needs to be applied for each academic year. The difference between a Friendship and a Themed house is that a friendship community does not have a faculty/staff advisor and is completely organized by students.

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