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Diversity & Respect

Latest Diversity Report

The Office of Residence Life (Housing Services) at Ferris State University consistently celebrates and promotes education, understanding and inclusion for all students. Our intention is to build a safe, inclusive community for all students that live on campus. Residence Life promotes an inclusive community through programming initiatives, the recruitment and training of the Residence Life employees, and committee initiatives such as the Harmony Project and the Respect by Me campaign.

What Is the "Respect By Me" Campaign

Respect by Me is an initiative led by the Office of Housing and Residence Life to inspire students to engage in honest dialogue, resolve conflicts, and be respectful to one another and the Ferris community.

Respect by Me provides the groundwork for how we encourage members of our community to interact with one another. By demonstrating respect for the Ferris community and those around them, as a public we acknowledge that we’re all interconnected and the actions of one affect the entire community. The Office of Housing and Residence Life encourages students to have meaningful and intentional dialogue and discuss their commonalities and differences. Respecting others’ opinions, belief structures and personalities, broadens our perspectives and prepares us for the future in a professional environment, which will be immersed with diversity.

How "Respect By Me" Works

The Office of Housing and Residence Life at Ferris State University would like to launch an honest dialogue initiative encouraging the Ferris community to show respect for one another and to solve conflicts using face-to-face communication.

Our office has witnessed a campus-wide trend in how students deal with conflicts. Students are using technological devices to communicate their frustrations via Facebook, Twitter, text-messaging, etc. This passive aggressive behavior is not the most effective way and can have a negative effect on their professional and personal careers in the future.

The Respect by Me initiative includes a conflict resolution process that involves bringing all parties of a conflict together, identifying the damage caused, and solving that conflict by recognizing and agreeing on ways to resolve the conflict and sustain the resolution over time.

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