Living, Learning Communities

Living Learning Community

For students that want a more engaged and intentional educational environment, Ferris Living Communities are a great opportunity for merging academics and out of the classroom education. In the years of research done on living community models in colleges across the nation, living communities have consistently shown to improve a student’s educational experience as a whole.

Ferris State offers several different living communities options for our students.  Each community is designed to have academic support through faculty and the educational department associated with the community.

Living, Learning Communities

Living, Learning Communities (LLC) are residential communities that introduce and integrate academic and social learning through faculty involvement and holistic education. LLCs are designed to great a greater sense of community through increased opportunities for faculty and peer interaction. LLCs provide students and faculty opportunities for connection outside the classroom and support networking across common interests.

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Themed Communities

A Themed community is a group of students living together in a residence hall to pursue shared educational and involvement goals. Each themed community has a faculty or staff advisor who support the members of the themed community.

Sophomore Leadership Program is a themed community led by the Residence Life office. The program is for sophomore students who live on-campus. The program targets four different areas of student development to provide programming and engagement as a student works toward graduation.

Friendship Communities

A Friendship community is a group of students living together in a residence hall community pursuing shared educational and involvement goals. These communities exist for only one academic year and needs to be applied for each academic year. The difference between a Friendship and a Themed house is that a friendship community does not have a faculty/staff advisor and is completely organized by students.

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