Residence Hall Lofts

Residence Hall Lofts

Loft Options

All lofts are designed as one piece of furniture with space for 2 mattresses. Remember to consult your roommate first and agree to loft.

Option 1:  Lowes Home Improvement provides pre-cut and sized materials which can be purchased at the Big Rapids location. To order a kit, please contact Lowes at (231) 580-2000 or [email protected] at least 4 weeks prior to move in and specify which hall you are living in. Keep in mind only one of the two roommates will need to reserve their loft.

Until further notice, availability of loft kits from Lowe's is uncertain at this time due to supplier constraints related to Covid-19.  Lowe's will continue to update Ferris State with information as it becomes available.

Option 2:  If you choose to build your own loft, please use our blueprints below. The university does not provide any of the lumber or other raw materials. Plans are for double beds only. Custom lofts must be pre-approved through the Office of Housing (more information under Loft Policy).

South and West Campus Loft Plan for double bed
Loft Plan

North Campus Loft Plan for double bed

Loft Plan

Loft Specifications

  1. Legs must be at least 4" x 4". It is acceptable to permanently join two 2" x 4"s with glue and screws or bolts to create the 4” x 4” leg post.
  2. Horizontal members used in the frame and cross members must be at least of 2" x 6" dimension.
  3. Legs should be notched to receive the 2" x 6" horizontal members. They must be bolted with at least two 3/8" bolts, nuts and large washers at each joint.
  4. Diagonal bracing members must be used on the legs to make the loft structurally sound. Bracing must be a minimum 1" x 3" utilizing lag bolts with large washers behind the bolt heads.
  5. Plywood or OSB must be used as a mattress platform and should be a minimum of 1/2" thick. Plywood/OSB must be secured to the frame with wood screws, with the smooth side of plywood/OSB facing up to protect the mattress. Great care must be taken to avoid damage to the mattress.
  6. As an alternate design, the university provided bed springs may be placed atop the cross members thus eliminating the need for the OSB/plywood platform.

Loft Examples

  • Loft Example
  • Loft Example
  • Loft Example
  • Loft Example
  • Loft Example

Loft Policy

The purpose of the Loft Policy is to promote the safety of the residents who utilize lofts in the residence halls. While lofts are not necessary to arrange a comfortable room, residents may elect to use these specific loft plans as a means of building a loft for personalizing their living environment.

The university does not require nor necessarily recommend students utilize lofted beds. Facilities such as West Campus Apartments, East Campus Suites, and North Hall do not permit additional loft furniture to be installed. Double lofts will not fit in some Cramer rooms.  Lofting in Cramer is permitted on all floors except 9th, 10th, and 11th.

The university furniture provided allows for flexibility in the layout of students’ rooms. Should a student(s) elect to use a lofted bed, the university permits their use as long as they purchase an approved loft or build their own meeting the specifications provided in our approved plans. To get approval for a custom designed loft, contact the Office of Housing at [email protected] or call (231) 591-3745. Roommates should agree on the use of a loft prior to one or the other bringing one to the room.

Loft Regulations

  1. All materials used must be standard dimensional lumber as specified and of good quality and relatively free from knots, splits, and imperfections. Rough saw (barn) lumber is not permitted.
  2. Lofts may not cover any portion of any window.
  3. Lofts may not be constructed across an exit way (any doorway).
  4. Loft legs should be 60". While ceiling heights vary by both hall and floor, the leg height is designed to accommodate a minimum 30" clearance from the top of the mattress to the ceiling.
  5. Lofts generally should be designed to replace the space used by the beds. Larger structures or enclosed structures are not permitted.
  6. Lofts must be free standing and not attached to the walls, ceiling or floor. Lofts should be padded whenever contact with walls is possible to avoid damage to the walls and paint (nonflammable materials such as pieces of carpet are suggested).
  7. Removal or alteration of electrical fixtures or outlets is not permitted.
  8. Lofts may not cover or block heat registers or vents in any way. A minimum space of 12" must be maintained in front of all heat registers.
  9. All lofts must be removed from the hall prior to exam week (and onset of 24 hour quiet time). Lofts may not be stored at the university during the summer months. A substantial service charge ($150 min.) will be levied against all room occupants for failure to remove loft materials from the hall.
  10. Lofts may not be constructed with nails or spikes. Lofts must be bolted together as noted to allow for ease of disassembly and adequate structural support. See loft specifications.
  11. Storage will not be provided for any university furniture while the loft is in place.
  12. Lofts must include a sturdy ladder, secured to the loft to allow easy and safe access.
  13. Sawing, staining and other preparations for loft construction may not occur within the residence hall.
  14. The university reserves the right to create and enact additional loft regulations at any time without prior notice.